• Bachelor semester project

      RaspberryPi32 was a Bachelor project at EPFL and is a collaboration between two labs, Processor Architecture Laboratory and Distributed Systems Laboratory.

    • Author(s)

      This report was written by Sidney Bovet, a computer science student at EPFL.
      The project was supervised by René Beuchat and André Schiper, both Professor at the IC Section of EPFL, as well as Thomas Ropars, PhD student in the same school.

    • Downloads

      The report of this project can be downloaded here as well as the files mentionned in it.
         Report (PDF)
         Annex (ZIP)
         Performances analysis (PDF)
         Performance analysis files (github)

    • Credits and Licence

      Creative Commons License
      This website, report and all the pictures belong to the authors of this paper (see above) and are licensed under the Creative Commons By-SA. You are free to re-use everything you find useful for personnal and/or commercial use. You must however acknowledge its original authors and share it under the same conditions. More details about the license can be found here.
      If you need additionnal informations, documentation or pictures of the project feel free to contact me at sidney.bovet(at)gmail.com.

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