Software Engineer

Any sufficiently advanced technology
is indistinguishable from magic.

I am an enthusiastic software developer currently focusing on Virtual Reality, from motion capture algorithms to the psychology of interacting with a virtual environment. But I am also interested in low-level software such as how to talk directly to a CPU, or how to actually render graphics on screen.

My goal is to combine these various areas and try to build something exciting and new.

Technical Experience

This section presents some of the most exciting projects I've been working on.

Software Engineer

Being part of the NEO team in Lausanne, my role is to explore various novel human-computer interaction techniques.

Research Engineer

Follow-up research on my master thesis. My task was to develop a movement distortion algorithm ensuring certain properties and to implement a VR testing application.

Summer Internship

My role was to implement support for a performance-related capability in the Hardware Abstraction Layer of the Windows kernel. This feature was used to optimize a set of binaries, making them up to 10% faster.

Master Internship

I developed a VR game, providing a new gaming experience with selected interaction devices (e.g. HMD, joystick, etc.). Included usage of tracking devices and conduction of user tests.

Summer Internship

The main task was to extend the computation framework of the company to enable cluster computing.


Bachelor semester project: build a low-cost cluster made of 32 Raspberry PI.


  • Popular coding languages
  • VR interaction techniques
  • Agile development techniques
  • Computer Graphics
  • Lower-level programming
  • Good team-player

More specifically, I have good VR and Computer Graphics competences, such as Unity development, OpenGL shader programming, and ray tracing techniques. I also have good knowledge in Java, C, C++, C# and Shell scripting, as well as a strong understanding of distributed and concurrent systems.